Mood Boosting With Music – Why And How?

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Today people can make money easier, have more ways of entertainment, have more types of food and drink to eat when hungry, but it means more stress, more pressures and of course, more depressing times. With a person who has to work in offices or in charge of repetitive missions, there is nothing better than music to lift the mood up, at least for a little while.

Studies indicate that there’s nothing cheaper, more effective and last longer than a song or a piece of music in enhancing human’s emotional condition. In fact, the music can have a positive impact on how we think and how we evaluate surrounding environment. Let’s see how music affects our mood and how to improve it.

Music and emotionsDo The Songs You Choose Say Something About Your Mental Health?

As you already know, our emotion is affected by so many factors surrounding us such as work, sounds, images… and one of them is music. Music can be such a good way to improve your productivity or in can be an objective which pulls your mood down.

A recent study indicates that the level of anxiety has something related to the music genre you are listening to. Sad and aggressive music may cause higher anxiety or neuroticism to people when hearing in a long amount of time.

A number of participants are asked to listen to various types of the song including pop, sad, aggressive tracks. Then scientist will do some tests about the level of depression, anxiety… In this research, scientists’ results showed that while somebody feels more relaxed and less anxiety, others seem not to improve their mood for some reasons.

However, we don’t know whether this effect can last long or not, that’s the reason why people have to find the answer about how to make music a better source for their mood.

Does Music Affect Our Emotion For A Long Amount Of Time?

The answer is yes. Music affects our brain and therefore creates emotional statuses, both long – term and short – term. In fact, there are many parts of the brain which are affected by music genres and lyrics.

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So as to achieve any results from the study involving music, there are laboratories that are well – equipped with musical devices. The participants have to listen to one kind of music for a certain amount of time, at least long enough for their emotional parts of the brain to take some impact, either positive or negative. This might sound weird since we don’t have to listen to music all day long. There are still times that we don’t listen to anything at all. How can it take a long – term effect on our brain?

Actually, we do listen to different types of music almost every day. You don’t notice doesn’t mean your brain doesn’t absorb the signal and the sounds. That’s the reason why when you hear something familiar, you start to have feelings and questions like “It sounds so familiar” or “I know this song”. In a more positive way, people can create their habit of listening to a certain kind of music so that it can work with the same function like sex, drug… the “reward” system.

How To Know Your Main Music Genre?

Your characteristics define you and make you different from others. So as to form your own way of living, you should have your own habits and works. Music taste is one of the most important factors to know about a person even though we don’t talk to each other that much. That’s the reason why if you want to enhance your mood by using some of the music therapies or just some music – related habits, you have to at least know what to do with your music taste.

If you feel really comfortable with the classical pieces of music and you are willing to see the record players for sale just to buy one for your vinyl record collection that means classical music is one of your music favorites.

Record player

On the other hand, if you are young and wild, and your playlist is full of Rock and Metal tracks, that is a sign to know that aggressive music can be more effective to your mental condition more than other types of music such as Blue, Jazz, Soul or Ballad.

You don’t have to be an expert in listening and playing music to know which type of songs is good for you. Just feel comfortable with it and make sure you can listen to it more than once a day. Of course discovering something else is good, but according to some studies about music and habits, people tend to look for artists and albums with various similarities and the same genres.

A small guide for using music to relax:

  • Stick with the music genres that make you feel relaxed and relieved. This might affect your work and everyday life so be careful and choose wisely.
  • You can choose several kinds of songs and albums as well as some artists to change alternatively. On the other hand, stay with the only choice might work as well.
  • Choose the songs based on your emotion. But don’t choose something too negative or aggressive.
  • Music is not all about songs and listening to it. Try to change your habit by singing or start playing any kind of musical instrument.
  • If possible, try to go to any music therapy and see whether it has good impacts on you or not. Sometimes it would be just fine doing things on your own.

Music has such a bonding connection with mood since it is one of the best ways to escape from the bustle and the hustle of where you are living. In fact, music also has long – term effects on your brain so don’t push you too much in withstanding something you don’t like. You might not be a music lover, but you need music so don’t underestimate it too much.

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