Music Enhances The Feelings of The Couple

melody of the music

In the right circumstances and with the appropriate volume, the music increases your emotional variety. If you are having feelings of love, the music will get you excited. Music helps you generate the appropriate emotion for love. Listening to music is very beneficial to the health of the brain. When people listen to their favorite music genre, the brain region is activated almost immediately. This helps make people’s mood becomes excited. In fact, many have felt the great love after they listen to the melody of the music. If music is placed in the right circumstances and with the appropriate volume, the music will increase your feelings of love.

The Perfect Love Medicine
Music – The Perfect Love Medicine for The Couple

Music and some typical music genre preferences of each person are “does” great trigger for love more passionate, excited. Listen to music helps accelerate the process of both emotions, and bring reconciled soul together gently. Music is the most efficient method than any other therapy. You can not believe it and thought it was like an annoying, unconvincing summation theory. If you think so, scientific researchers at McGill University in Montreal (Canada) would indicate that you were wrong.

A study was done on a large scale, with many other subjects and different mechanisms of action over the years have helped scientists McGill, who gain exciting discovery: The music is very beneficial for brain health. Regions of the human brain will be stimulated by the music tone. And that makes the mood of people excited. A brain region called the nucleus accumben stimulated. This area is operated by the chemical dopamine, an active substance in boosting loving desire.

The scientists from McGill University also said they were scanning the brains of volunteers while they listened to 60 tracks previously unknown. Dr. Valorie Salimpoor, head of research have shown: “The interaction occurs between two areas of the brain is the” nucleus accumben “and control the emotions. So when the brain has recognized the value of music amounting to dopamine, it also stimulates the behavior necessary for human existence, such as eating and loving. People have said they feel desire loving as they’re listening to the melody of the music. ”

melody of the music
Music can create the different mental state, it can stimulate tender, soothing feelings, that may be old memories or a great past. And music can also create the passionate and inspiring status or stimulates passionate desires. The power of sound effects to cause the entire cortex and that leads to feelings desire.

The Music Genre Suitable for Feelings of Love

Music also has the ability subconscious recall. Music can convey all the states including erotic messages, animated pictures, the emotions orgasm. The Observances chain always exists somewhere in the subconscious, and it will be opened when a single note is played. This has stimulated whole cells in the cerebral cortex. The music genre usually produces good feelings when having a love:

  • Jazz: If you like the quiet, smooth and comfortable, nothing great by combining jazz during dating. The Jazz musical will help heal the feelings of the couple.
  • Instrumental music: The sound of the gentle melodic instrumental music would be great medicine to help couples more intertwined. Both will join passionate together in love gardens.
  • R & B: The most prominent feature of this genre is the lyrical melodies and romantic. This is very suitable for two people in love. So, let your heart sob because of it.
  • Dance: The gentle melodies of dance genres will make your body more flexible and become more excited in love
  • Ethnic music: If you do not like the genre of modern music, try selecting music echoes of the ethnic nations of the world. This music can help you make the gesture of love with her lover. Both will add excitement for the rest of their time together.
  • South American Music: The tone of Brazilian music will stimulate arousal mood of women. This will quickly help both become warm.

Smart Choice to Enhance Loving Couple

Share the results of researchers from McGill University, Dr. Brizendine evaluation Americans: “Dopamine appears from the loving experience. It’s outstanding work and pervasive by sound music. It can bring up the excitement while you express loving gesture to each other, an especially positive effect on women. ”

Speaking of Heather Hoffmann psychologist at the University of Knox College (USA) in the Conference on Neurology and Music in Edinburgh (Scotland), said: “Listening to romantic songs also help increase your heart rate. These factors will help you achieve arousal mood for love “.

However, if you want real music becomes a companion, the experts recommended that Heather: “You need to know how to choose the appropriate type of music, with melody suddenly, with drums and sound. This will your body become stimulated and awakened passionate desires. You can also select what kind of electric jazz or dance music based on tribal and no words. You need to have the melody so that it activated your mood in a dissociative state in entirely. A musical based on the dances of the tribes will make the high waves, and it swept both on a long-term love. ”

A musical based on the dances of the tribes


Music is a feelings catalyst invaluable. It helps you enjoy the feeling of love. If you listen to your favorite music, it will help you elevate the emotions. Music can create great experiences in love. The best way is you try to adjust the volume at a moderate level. This can help both to feel music is a beautiful thing.

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