Learning About The Sad Music of The Human Spirit

Sad Music

We all know the impact of the music to the mood and emotions of people. Many people love sad songs. Sad feelings will cause people wrong things. However, the sad music has different effects on the human emotions in life.

Sad Music

The Effects of Music on Emotions and Moods of People

People know music very early. The initial days of human civilization, the first music had appeared with the beat when people used wood type in stone. Today, people see music as natural factors, right from birth we loved music. No one hates the music; the music seemed to become an indispensable element in the spiritual life of the people. Music is the language of the soul and rhythm of life. Maybe music is in our genes! Not only help people feel relaxed, comfortable, music also has legendary effects on the brain:

  • Increase IQ language, thinking and motor: When children play, they are stimulating the right brain, which will help enhance the visual and language as children. Studies in children have shown that babies have participated in extracurricular music class will grow better on IQ and visual abilities. When the finger constantly irritated will hone memory, imagination, and intelligence. Everything will be mobilizing through music. Music has helped people become mature in personality and knowledge.
  • Listen actively to increase a feeling of happiness: In the study by Ferguson and Sheldon (2013) showed that the classical music would make people cheerful happy. The music initiative will improve the spirit more than the passive player.
  • The impact on health: not just affect the spiritual life, music also on physical health such as reducing stress, heart disease, anxiety, brain injury recovery after the stroke. Through the synthesis of 23 studies on a total of nearly 1500 patients showed that listening to music helps lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and anxiety for patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Soothes the soul: Music brings solace, relief, create strong emotions, this is why music became the favorite food for the mind of everyone. Music also evokes feelings when tracks associated with a memory. You can cry or laugh when I heard an old song. It can be a song associated with a celebration of childhood, first love, family.
  • Emotional impact: It is not difficult to realize the effect of music on emotions when you see a horror film. The creepy music will signal scary thing is going to happen will make your feelings as blends with the character.

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Lively music, fun will make us feel elated, love of life. The song will make them want to dance to the rhythm, their humming tunes. However, the sad song brings other emotions to feel himself.

These Negative and Positive Effects of Sad Music to Our Lives

According to recent research by many scientists around the world, music is a panacea to the soul and health of humans. The fast-paced music with genres such as Pop, Chachacha, Disco will help people sober, dynamic and responsive when dealing with situations in life occur. And conversely, slow-paced music, sad music will have different effects on the health and mood of people. According to a study by the Free University (Berlin -German) by Stefan Koelsch Liila Taruffi and implementation has shown that: People will be happy to hear more sad music (The study was published in PLoS ONE, the journal of the Library Public Library of Science). The results were a surprise to many people! If we listen to the lively music, fun, then we will feel happy. But if we hear sad music, they also helped us happy and uplifting!

Negative and Positive Effects

Two researchers have conducted tests on 722 people from around the world and concluded: Listening to sad music has a positive impact in creating the feeling of happiness. Research says people often hear sad music when the mood unhappy, miserable, desperate, depressed. Then they come to the sad music to find solace, sympathy. The emotions such as longing, peaceful, gentle, worried and anxiety have been aroused. The reason is that sad music will stimulate people’s imagination. That will help them to think more positive and find ways to escape from sadness. The researchers said: “The sad tone often evokes various emotions for many people. The sad song will bring benefits regarding emotions. Sadness from the music evokes not only aesthetic value but also contribute to the feeling of comfort, help regulate mood and negative emotions of people. Many people will find the positive emotions, peace, and gentleness, all of them will help them relieve the dark mood, arouse the desire, belief and positive emotions are revived.”


David Huron, a music professor at Ohio University in the US, has confirmed the sad music stimulates the production of a brain chemical called prolactin hormones (chemicals that have the effect of limiting grief by the brain). Sad music will create positive emotions for the listener, to help them overcome the immediate difficulties. This is also why many people would love to hear sad music and mood. If you like the sad song, the mood, the music would be a miracle therapy for humans. Music is happy or sad; it also creates positive emotions for the listener! “Music does not lie in the notes which are located in the space between them” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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