Emotions in The Music and The Importance of Music Education

Emotions in The Music

Many studies have been published in the journal Psychology, and Psychiatry indicates that music therapy can help relieve depression and improve self-esteem in children and teens, which is ages problems with emotional disorders and behavior. And many scientists have pointed out the importance of music in education. The music school also has the same importance as other subjects: science and mathematics.

Emotions in The Music

The Magic of Music in Enhancing Sensuality Emotion

Topics of the study were 251 children (between 8-16 years) with emotional problems, development or behavior. The children will be divided into two groups. A group of 128 children was treated with conventional treatments. A group of 123 students applied music therapy in combination with usual care measures. The guide encourages kids to create music and sound for their voice using, instrument or movement. The tools utilized in the study include guitar, organ and wooden slab above (marimba). In the space of carried out music therapy, students also receive encouragement, cheering. The research team led by Professor Sam Porter led Bournemouth University have discovered that children and teens are applied music therapy improves self-esteem, significantly reducing the impact of depression on behavior and emotions. This proved the difference with conventional treatments. Also, results showed that children aged 13 years and older were treated with music therapy, they will enhance the skills to interact and communicate with each other. This is positive compared to those receiving only conventional treatments. Also, the therapy is long-term treatment will significantly improve social function in all age groups.

Enhancing Sensuality Emotion

“The study is of great significance in determining the effective treatments for children and adolescents with behavioral problems and mental health” – Professor Sam Porter shared. According to him, the relatives of the teenagers should consider the findings of the study and they should make appropriate decisions about the type of care for the children they want to support. Ciara Reilly, CEO of Harmony Every Day, a charitable organization music, said music therapy is usually applied to children and adolescents with mental health problems. But this is the first time the effectiveness of music is proven in a clinical study with the most participants. According to her, the discovery is remarkable and can see music therapy as an alternative treatment in the primary. However, Professor Sam Porter and his colleagues will need to assess the economic effects of music therapy in comparison with the treatment of depression.

Emotion in Music Will Eliminate All Barriers of Language, Culture, Religion

Many people have found great happiness for teaching jobs. They feel happy and proud to share the experience of learning and love of music of the self with others. The teaching is also invaluable when teaching and learning a lot from his students. Arthur Schnabel famous artist once said: “He learned a lot more from the students than the students learned from him.”

Emotion in Music Will Eliminate All Barriers

Music is a major factor in the education of young children and can contribute significantly to the development of the child. Some scientists believe that there are links between the composer and the development of the brain. In 1999, the journal Neurological Research published an article saying that the students enrolled in a high school musical score higher than students who did not study music at the same school. Many teachers have been thinking about the link between the composer with the ability to develop language, mathematics among children. Music also helps to improve better behavior in children. Furthermore, music is an art form that encourages the development, creativity, and inspiration; there are two important factors for the development of young children. The idea of putting music to become a significant role of education has existed since the time of ancient Greece and Renaissance. For each of the educated, learning to play an instrument or read the notes are to be as important as learning to read and write. Many of these children are blind but still play music with a passion and happiness. Many people must have been very touching to see changing music and enrich your life. With many real artists, they said: “They see the biggest rewards in the process of musical performances is the shared musical talent and create an impact on the listener deeply and touching.”

Music is a reflection of life, and to express the emotion in the music, the artist must feel the music deep in his soul. To become a famous artist should have more qualities than just practice hard. A music concert success requires the artist to understand the significance of that work, the music style, the historical context and cultural context as well as composing.


We live in a diverse society, where there is an exchange, contact, and cooperation among people of all different races, religions, beliefs and different education. By integrating music into every aspect of the day’s activities: lets play music while you cook in the kitchen; while you drive. Take your child to musical performances you feel is appropriate for their age, and encourages children to perform at home with the audience is a member of the family. Music is a bridge to link these individuals got together and music is also an important means to bring people together on the way to the pursuit of peace, happiness.

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